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Whiskey sour


A timeless blend of bourbon, lime juice, and sugar syrup, with an optional frothy egg white. garnished with a hint of orange. classic sophistication in a glass.



Embrace the enduring allure of the Whiskey Sour, a cocktail that has charmed connoisseurs for generations. At its core, the rich depth of bourbon whiskey sets a warm and inviting tone, exuding notes of caramel and oak. This is artfully balanced by the zesty tang of lime juice, which provides a refreshing counterpoint. Sugar syrup weaves in, adding a touch of sweetness that rounds out the drink’s profile. For those seeking a silkier texture, an optional addition of egg white can be whisked in, lending a frothy finish. Garnished with a splash of orange, the Whiskey Sour is a harmonious blend of contrasts, offering a sip of liquid history.


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