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Virgin mojito/passion/strawberry


Refreshing virgin mojito with a twist: tangy lime, sweet sugar syrup, aromatic mint, and a bubbly sprite top-up, enhanced by hints of passion fruit and strawberry.



Discover a rejuvenating fusion with the Virgin Mojito, enriched by the flavors of passion fruit and strawberry. Begin with the zesty punch of lime juice, balanced impeccably by the velvety sweetness of sugar syrup. The aromatic freshness of mint leaves awakens the senses, reminiscent of cool tropical breezes. But the real twist arrives with subtle undertones of passion fruit and strawberry, intertwining to introduce a luscious depth to the classic mojito. Topped with the effervescent fizz of Sprite, this drink promises a palate-pleasing journey. A harmonious blend of tart, sweet, and bubbly, it’s a sip of tropical ecstasy.


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