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Pinacolada boozy shake-malibu,rum,pineapple j,vanilla ice cream


A tropical indulgence: malibu’s coconut essence, rich rum, tangy pineapple juice, and creamy vanilla ice cream. vacation vibes in every sip.



Transport yourself to a sun-soaked beach with the Piña Colada Boozy Shake, a beverage that perfectly marries the spirit of the tropics with the comfort of a classic shake. Starting the experience is the unmistakable coconut aroma of Malibu, laying down a sweet and fragrant base. This is effortlessly complemented by the rich depth of rum, infusing the shake with warmth and character. Tangy pineapple juice adds a refreshing zest, embodying the essence of a tropical paradise. But it’s the creamy vanilla ice cream that ties it all together, ensuring a smooth and delightful texture. Perfect for those moments of escapism, this Boozy Shake is a sip of tropical heaven.


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