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Malibu bay breeze


A tropical fusion: smooth white rum, zesty orange juice, topped with cranberry juice and garnished with a maraschino berry. beachy bliss in a glass.



Sail away on a tropical breeze with the Malibu Bay Breeze cocktail, a drink that encapsulates the spirit of sun-soaked shores and balmy nights. Setting sail is the smooth white rum, laying a spirited foundation reminiscent of distant Caribbean islands. This is seamlessly paired with the sun-kissed sweetness of orange juice, introducing a citrusy vibrancy to the mix. The journey reaches its zenith with a top-up of cranberry juice, adding a tart contrast that balances the cocktail perfectly. Garnished with a luscious maraschino berry, the Malibu Bay Breeze promises a harmonious dance of flavors with every refreshing sip.


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