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Lemaiyan dawa


A refreshing blend: smooth vodka, zesty lime wedges, sweet honey, and sugar. a drink that dances between sweet and sour.



Discover the harmonious balance of the Lemaiyan Dawa, a cocktail that weaves together contrasting flavors with delicate artistry. Anchoring the experience is the clean and smooth backdrop of vodka, setting a neutral yet inviting stage. This is beautifully juxtaposed by the inclusion of lime wedges, introducing a citrusy zing that awakens the senses. Sweetness takes center stage with the addition of natural honey, lending a golden touch and depth to the concoction. To perfectly round off the experience, sugar is sprinkled in, ensuring a well-balanced dance between sweet and sour notes. Lemaiyan Dawa is more than a cocktail; it’s a celebration of harmonious taste.


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