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Elephant mudslide


A decadent fusion: exotic amarula, smooth vodka, rich kahlúa, and indulgent chocolate sauce. a creamy safari for the taste buds.



Venture into the creamy wilderness with the Elephant Mudslide, a cocktail that promises an indulgent escape with every sip. Pioneering the expedition is Amarula, an exotic liqueur made from the wild Marula fruit, bringing a taste reminiscent of the African plains. This is gracefully accompanied by the crisp notes of vodka, setting a neutral yet spirited backdrop. The journey is deepened by Kahlúa, with its velvety coffee undertones adding richness and depth. And for the grand finale, a drizzle of chocolate sauce intertwines, creating a sweet and luscious texture. The Elephant Mudslide is not just a drink; it’s a flavorful adventure that’s both wild and sophisticated.


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