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Classic milk shake-viceroy,khalua,chocolate ice cream


An elevated classic: viceroy brandy, kahlúa’s coffee notes, and decadent chocolate ice cream. a creamy cocktail of indulgence.



Rediscover the charm of a classic with a twist in this luxurious milkshake. The warmth and depth of Viceroy brandy lays the foundation, introducing a rich and sophisticated touch to the blend. Kahlúa, with its coffee undertones, adds layers of complexity, enhancing the shake with its sweet and roasted flavor profile. But the true star is the decadent chocolate ice cream, providing a velvety backdrop and binding the spirits in a harmonious embrace. Every sip is a journey through contrasting yet complementing flavors, resulting in a milkshake that’s both nostalgic and novel. The Classic Milk Shake stands as a testament to timeless taste, reimagined.


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