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Blue lagoon


A vibrant mix: crisp vodka and electric blue curaçao, accentuated by zesty lime and topped with bubbly soda water. a refreshing azure delight.



Dive into the refreshing depths of the Blue Lagoon, a cocktail that marries visual appeal with invigorating flavors. The experience kicks off with the clean, neutral bite of vodka, setting the stage for the cocktail’s star: the mesmerizing blue curaçao. This liqueur not only lends the drink its iconic azure hue but introduces a subtle hint of orange zest. Lime juice provides a tangy counterpoint, adding zest and balance. The drink reaches its effervescent crescendo with a top-up of soda water, introducing a fizz that dances on the palate. The Blue Lagoon is more than a drink; it’s a captivating liquid journey.


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