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Spicy watermelon mint


An invigorating blend of juicy watermelon, zesty lemon, aromatic mint, and a hint of sweetness from sugar syrup. a perfect summer refresher.



Discover the exhilarating blend of the Spicy Watermelon Mint, a drink that epitomizes summer in a glass. Dive into the succulent sweetness of watermelon juice, capturing the essence of sun-soaked picnics and balmy afternoons. This juiciness is accentuated by the vibrant zing of lemon juice, adding a tangy twist that awakens the senses. Aromatic mint leaves are muddled into the mix, their cool freshness weaving seamlessly with the other ingredients. A touch of sugar syrup ties the ensemble together, providing a delicate sweetness that balances the zest. Every sip promises a refreshing escape, making the Spicy Watermelon Mint an instant favorite.


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